Cryptosporidium and Giardia quality control system

Certificate of Analysis

Below is a list of Certificates of Analysis.

Once you have found the Certificate of Analysis you are after, click the PDF icon and a copy of the certificate will be displayed in PDF format ready for printing.

If your Certificate of Analysis is not in the list supplied below please contact BTF.

Product Name Lot Number PDF
EasySeed B504 EasySeedCG_B504
EasySeed B505 EasySeedC_B505
EasySeed B506 EasySeedCG_B506
EasySeed B507 EasySeedC_B507
EasySeed B508 EasySeedCG_B508
EasySeed B509 EasySeedC_B509
EasySeed B510 EasySeedCG_B510
EasySeed B511 EasySeedC_B511
EasySeed B513 EasySeedCG_B513
EasySeed B514 EasySeedC_B514
EasySeed B515 EasySeedCG_B515
EasySeed B516 EasySeedC_B516
EasySeed B517 EasySeedC_B517
EasySeed B518 EasySeedCG_B518
EasySeed B519 EasySeedC_B519
EasySeed B520 EasySeedCG_B520
EasySeed B521 EasySeedC_B521
EasySeed B522 EasySeedCG_B522
EasySeed B523 EasySeedC_B523
EasySeed B524 EasySeedCG_B524
EasySeed B525 EasySeedC_B525
EasySeed B526 EasySeedCG_B526
EasySeed B527 EasySeedC_B527
EasySeed B528 EasySeedCG_B528
EasySeed B529 EasySeedC_B529
EasySeed B530 EasySeedCG_B530
EasySeed B531 EasySeedC_B531
EasySeed B532 EasySeedCG_B532
EasySeed B533 EasySeedC_B533
EasySeed B534 EasySeedCG_B534
EasySeed B535 EasySeedC_B535
EasySeed B536 EasySeedCG_B536
EasySeed B537 EasySeedC_B537
EasySeed B538 EasySeedCG_B538
EasySeed B539 EasySeedC_B539
EasySeed B540 EasySeedCG_B540
EasySeed B541 EasySeedC_B541
EasySeed B542 EasySeedCG_B542
EasySeed B543 EasySeedC_B543
EasySeed B544 EasySeedCG_B544
EasySeed B545 EasySeedC_B545
EasySeed B547 EasySeedCG_B547
EasySeed B548 EasySeedC_B548
EasySeed B549 EasySeedCG_B549
EasySeed B550 EasySeedC_B550
EasySeed B552 EasySeedCG_B552
EasySeed B553 EasySeedC_B553
EasySeed B554 EasySeedCG_B554
EasySeed B555 EasySeedC_B555
EasySeed B557 EasySeedCG_B557
EasySeed B558 EasySeedC_B558
EasySeed B559 EasySeedCG_B559
EasySeed B560 EasySeedC_B560
EasySeed B561 EasySeedCG_B561
EasySeed B562 EasySeedC_B562
EasySeed B563 EasySeedCG_B563
EasySeed B564 EasySeedC_B564
EasySeed B565 EasySeedCG_B565
EasySeed B566 EasySeedC_B566
EasySeed B567 EasySeedCG_B567
EasySeed B568 EasySeedC_B568
EasySeed B569 EasySeedCG_B569
EasySeed B570 EasySeedC_B570
EasySeed B571 EasySeedCG_B571
EasySeed B572 EasySeedC_B572
EasySeed B574 EasySeedCG_B574
EasySeed B575 EasySeedC_B575
EasySeed B576 EasySeedCG_B576
EasySeed B577 EasySeedC_B577
EasySeed B578 EasySeedCG_B578
EasySeed B579 EasySeedC_B579
EasySeed B629 EasySeedCG_B629
EasySeed B630 EasySeedC_B630
EasySeed B631 EasySeedCG_B631
EasySeed B621 EasySeedCG_B621
EasySeed B622 EasySeedC_B622
EasySeed B624 EasySeedCG_B624
EasySeed B625 EasySeedC_B625
EasySeed B627 EasySeedCG_B627
EasySeed B628 EasySeedC_B628
EasySeed B632 EasySeedC_B632
EasySeed B634 EasySeedCG_B634
EasySeed B635 EasySeedC_B635
EasySeed B636 EasySeedCG_B636
EasySeed B637 EasySeedC_B637
EasySeed B639 EasySeedCG_B639
EasySeed B640 EasySeedC_B640
EasySeed B641 EasySeedCG_B641
EasySeed B642 EasySeedC_B642
EasySeed B645 EasySeedCG_B645
EasySeed B646 EasySeedC_B646
EasySeed B647 EasySeedCG_B647
EasySeed B648 EasyseedC_B648
EasySeed B651 EasySeedCG_B651
EasySeed B652 EasySeedC_B652
EasySeed B653 EasySeedCG_B653
EasySeed B654 EasySeedC_B654
EasySeed B656 EasySeedCG_B656
EasySeed B657 EasySeedC_B657
EasySeed B658 EasySeedCG_B658
EasySeed B659 EasySeedC_B659
EasySeed B661 EasySeedC_B661
EasySeed B662 EasySeedCG_B662
EasySeed B663 EasySeedC_B663

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