EasyStain – Suitable for PCR analysis

See the updated EasyStain Instructions for use

Di Giovanni, G. D., R. M. Hoffman, and G. D. Sturbaum. 2010. Cryptosporidium Genotyping method for Regulatory Microscope Slides, Project 4099 Report. Denver, CO: Water Research Foundation.

EasyStain – Now with ready to use DAPI


Ready to use liquid
No need to dilute, weigh or pipette
Dropper bottle
Stable in the fridge


Benefits to customers

Improved consistency of DAPI stain
More consistent results between analysts
Clearer results (more definition of nuclei)
Ease of use, all components in one kit
Time saving

BTF at the international Giardia & Cryptosporidium conference in Sweden


It is not often we at BTF are able to meet with customers in the Northern Hemisphere so Chris Howard and Rangimarie Whatley are looking forward travelling to the UK and Sweden in May.

Rangimarie Whatley, will be visiting the UK for a conference with TCS, then joining Chris Howard to attend the:


Please make yourself known to us during the conferences, as we would love to put faces to names.
If you are unable to attend these and have any queries please feel free to contact us either during or prior to the conference.

Introducing our new starter packs


Not tried these products before?

Introducing a new Starter Pack.

Great for seeing how they work.
Great for a smaller number of samples to test!


Contact us now for more information

Follow the recipe oops the instructions!


How many times do we bake a cake from the same recipe and it turns out different! This can happen a lot in any household, when investigating, inevitably the instructions have not been followed or over the years they have been modified by different cooks.

Over time customers from all over the globe have had various queries for BTF and with this in mind we’ve attached a couple of links we find very helpful.

The Microbiology of Drinking water (2010) – part 14, from the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI)

and the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Method 1623.1: Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Water by Filtration/IMS/FA

Photo courtesy of the US EPA.

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