Based in Sydney Australia, BTF provides the world’s most precise reference standards for microbiological testing.

The founders of BTF, Dr Graham Vesey (a microbiologist) and Mark Gauci (a laser technologist) formed BTF in March 1999 after identifying the need for precise reference samples for microbiological testing in 1998 when Sydney’s water supply became contaminated with harmful pathogens.

We have developed unique technology that enables us to dispense precise numbers of biological particles (cells, bacteria, viruses etc), and to preserve the dispensed particles giving them an extended shelf-life. We use this technology to make precise reference samples for analytical laboratories to use in the quality control of their testing processes.

Currently we target customers in the industrial microbiology market, specifically testing water, food and pharmaceutical products; however we believe our products will ultimately apply across the spectrum of life sciences.

BTF was acquired by bioMérieux in September 2007

The BTF team combines years of science, health, business experience and innovation to continually produce premium products


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